Paul Bishop, Acquisitions Editor


Photo by Troy A Hill
Hey, Paul Bishop here. After experiencing the success achieved by my backlist and new books rereleased or debuted by Wolfpack, I became determined to help other authors achieve the same objective. I am currently Wolfpack’s acquisitions editor working mainly in the Western, Men’s Adventure, Mystery, and Thriller genres.

I have written for both episodic television and feature films along with fifteen novels, including the award winning Lie Catchers and five books in my LAPD Homicide Detective Fey Croaker series. I have also co-written three non-fiction Western reference works: 52 Weeks * 52 Western Novels, 52 Weeks * 52 Western Movies, and 52 Weeks * 52 Western TV Shows.

My background includes thirty-five years with the Los Angeles Police Department where I was twice honored as LAPD’s Detective of the Year. I am a nationally recognized interrogator and currently conduct numerous law enforcement training seminars around the country each year.