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Manuela Schneider

Manuela Schneider

As someone born and raised in Germany, author Manuela Schneider’s love of American Native and Western history might be surprising to some. But her fascination with pioneer life, cowboy heroes, and treacherous outlaws have been her constant companion for as long as she can remember.

As a child, Schneider recalls being mesmerized by American TV shows like Gun Smoke, Little House on the Prairie and Bonanza.

In her adult years, Schneider fueled her deep interest in the American West by traveling to the US and visiting historic sites like Tombstone, Monument Valley, and Kanab, UT. After experiencing the wild beauty of the Southwest firsthand, her desire to write stories of love, struggle, and survival in the Wild, Wild West became even stronger.

After leaving a successful career designing motorcycle fashion for the European market, Schneider penned her first Western fiction novel in 2017. To date, Schneider has written and published three books that feature strong female characters who are immersed in a battle against hardship, mystery, and deception while searching for true love and a better life. Drawing energy from strong pioneer women of our past, this vibrant author endeavors to create captivating sagas that ultimately leave readers wondering, “Will the story continue?” Yes, they will as two new books are in the make.

When not researching or penning riveting stories Western boomtowns and Native American, life, Schneider can be found traveling all over the world, enjoying silver jewelry and spur smiting, studying archaeology as a hobby, and writing a Western travel Column on