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It's finally Friday and that means we can welcome a weekend full of reading (and maybe the other responsibilities we have been putting off.) Here at Wolfpack Publishing we've been busy releasing new books that you'll love every Thursday! From Westerns, short stories, action-adventure and even mystery and crime novels, we have it all!

The Castro Directive by Stephen Mertz


The Castro Directive by Stephen MertzThe Castro Directive is an energetic thriller that will appeal to readers of Ken Follett and Jack Higgins.

Cuba. 1961. An armed force of 1500 Cubans-trained, equipped and supported covertly by the CIA under direct White House sanction-is about to launch a massive military strike with the objective of overthrowing Fidel Castro. In Vietnam, Sergeant Graveyard Morgan is yanked from a Special Forces firebase and sent straight into the Cuban action to identify and eliminate a Castro spy. It's a race against time that stretches from the Oval Office of President John F. Kennedy to the bloody hell battlefield that was The Bay of Pigs.

A rich evocation of time and place, The Castro Directive offers a provocative blend of fact and fiction, of mystery, romance and suspense.

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Long Delayed Justice by Chet Cunningham


Long Delayed Justice by Chet CunninhhamAfter five long years the man who shot and killed Lance Logan's father has surfaced as a bank robber and is moving towards Bend. Lance heads out after him, spending all his energy and skill at tracking and finding this killer–but he slips away.

Lance is determined to track down his father's killer once and for all — and this time, he knows he cannot fail.

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Three Seconds to Thunder by C.K. Crigger


Three Seconds to Thunder by C.K. CriggerChina Bohannon is a modern 1890’s career woman, but the Doyle & Howe Detective Agency hasn’t turned her loose on a case of her own just yet. China is champing at the bit and when a call for help comes in, a trip into the mountains above the St. Joe country sounds just the thing to prove her worth and assist a friend at the same time. Porter Anderson’s uncle has disappeared and a Johnny-come-lately timber baron has claimed the family homestead. What’s more, he has a bill of sale for it that Porter knows his uncle didn’t sign. The problem is proving it—or so it would seem. Porter doesn’t believe his uncle sold out and left the country without telling anybody. He’s afraid old Lionel Hooker might be dead—murdered.

Declaring the case unsuitable for a lady like China, Monk takes it on, but now no one has heard from him in days. China sets out to discover his whereabouts as the dry lightning of summer sets the woods ablaze.

What she finds is a trail of lies, theft, and murder, with her uncle Monk likely the next victim. Then, just when the problem appears solved, trouble breaks out again. This time, Monk's partner Gratton Doyle is the one in danger and it’s China who must bail him out.

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