Nelson C. Nye

Nelson C. Nye (1907–1997) was an American author, editor, and reviewer of Western fiction, and wrote non-fiction books on quarter horses. He also wrote fiction using the pseudonyms Clem Colt and Drake C. Denver. Nye wrote over 125 books, won two Spur Awards: one for best Western reviewer and critic, and one for his novel Long Run, and in 1968 won the Saddleman Award for ““Outstanding Contributions to the American West.”

Nelson Nye was born in Chicago, Illinois. Before becoming a ranch hand in 1935, he wrote publicity releases and book reviews for the Cincinnati Times-Star and the Buffalo Evening News. He published his first novel in 1936 and continued writing for 60 years. He served with the U.S. Army field artillery during World War II. He worked as the horse editor for Texas Livestock Journal from 1949–1952.

In 1953 Nye co-founded the Western Writers of America and served as its first president during 1953–1954. He was also the first editor of ROUNDUP, the WWA periodical that is still published today.


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