Mel Odom

Mel Odom grew up in rural Oklahoma where his family raised pigs, chickens, goats, and ducks. But he discovered a big book of Greek myths when he was in third grade that called him to fiction of all kinds: The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Robert Heinlein, Andrew Norton, Doc Savage, the Shadow, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and many, many others. He dreamed of becoming a writer and one day succeeded. He's written in the fields of fantasy, science fiction, men's action adventure, suspense, mystery, romance, horror, and started writing Western novels ten years ago as an indie writer.

After blazing the trail with the Rancho Diablo books under the name Colby Jackson, Mel Odom partnered with the Wolfpack Publishing brand and helped create the GUNSLINGER series under the A.W. Hart house name. Reach him on Facebook and at Prepare for LOTS of gardening pictures! While he's dreaming up characters and plots, he enjoys getting his hands dirty.

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Stark & Buchanan

The Pecos Undertaker (#1) – More Info | Purchase

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