The Masters And The Martyrs by Robert Vaughan

The Masters And The Martyrs by Robert Vaughan

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Genre: Historical Fiction

The Rodls a close knit German family torn between love of their homeland and a growing distrust of a creed of blood and hatred—heroes and victims of Hitler's Third Reich.

As the bloody drama of World War II begins, Adolf Hitler comes to Schweinfurt, vital industrial cog in the Third Reich's giant war machine.

There, he meets Heinrich, head of the Rodl family, a decent man who turns away from the excesses of the Nazis—a man whose ball bearing factory is crucial to Hitler's impending Blitzkrieg.

There the Fuhrer also meets the bewitchingly beautiful Lisl Rodl, engaged to brilliant Symphony conductor, Paul Maass, whose deepest secret can destroy all those he loves.

Meantime on the eastern front, fighting a life-or-death tank battle is Heinrichs son Rudi Rodl.

And on the other side of the world, two young Americans prepare for a fateful rendezvous with the Rodls — and history.

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(The War Torn Book 5)

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