Legends of Treasure: The Complete Series by Lois D. Brown

Legends of Treasure: The Complete Series by Lois D. Brown

eBook: $2.99
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Publisher: Wolfpack Publishing
Publication Year: 2020


After months of starvation and torture at the hands of terrorists, black ops officer Maria Branson is rescued and returned to the U.S. While her body heals, her mind does not. Plagued with panic and hallucinations, she quits the CIA and takes the job of small-town police chief. In her new position she investigates American southwest myths and legends to track down modern-day killers.

This paranormal mystery series brings a modern-day murder and a 500-year-old legend crashing together into a page-turning suspenseful thriller full of surprise twists.

Legends of Treasure: The Complete Series includes – Robbed Of Soul, Skeletons Among Us, Riddles That Kill and Haunted By Lies.

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