Legend Of The Black Rose: The Compete Series by A.W. Hart

Legend Of The Black Rose: The Compete Series by A.W. Hart

eBook: $0.99
Genres: Action Adventure, Western Fiction, Westerns
Publisher: Wolfpack Publishing
Publication Year: 2021

With high adventure, fast action, and an underlying sense of comradery and duty, The Black Rose joins a pantheon of masked heroes blazing her way across the early 20th century desert landscape.

Catalina Cristiana Rivera’s aristocratic life is shattered by a heinous raid on her father’s prominent West Texas rancho. But at the convent in Santo Tomas, redemption and the violent secrets of her past confront Lina with an even more dire challenge – a challenge that gives rise to the legend…and dark vengeance of The Black Rose.

With her razor-sharp urumi whip-sword and the help of a deputy U.S. Marshal, Lina’s alter ego carves a new legacy in the chronicles of Western adventure.

“Legend of The Black Rose presents a serialized adventure with a new type of hero and signature weapon.”

Legend of The Black Rose: The Complete Series includes – Legend of The Black Rose, The Sword of The Black Rose, Vengeance of The Black Rose, Siege of The Black Rose, Fear The Black Rose, Fire of The Black Rose, and Curse of The Black Rose.

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