Lauren Bridges

Lauren Bridges

Lauren BridgesHey, my name is Lauren Bridges but my friends call me Lo. I’m a California girl still trying to understand life in Las Vegas but enjoying every minute of it. I am the youngest of six girls and usually get called spoiled but always deny it. I am the aunt to three and am always striving to be the “cool aunt.” Most importantly, I am a crazy dog mom to Nash (aka Nashville), who I spend all my time with.

I am a recent graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where I got my degree in Journalism and Media Studies in 2016. I began my education at California State University, Sacramento where being a student athlete on the cheerleading team took up most of my time. In the middle of this educational transition I took some time off to move to Florida and work with the man named Mickey Mouse.

My last year at UNLV I was lucky enough to intern with a full-service media company in Las Vegas where I managed multiple social media accounts and got a glimpse of working in the industry. Combine that with being the webmaster of my sorority, Sigma Sigma Sigma, I was able to find my current position.

Lauren Bridges

I joined the Wolfpack Publishing team in May 2016, shortly after graduation, as an Editorial Assistant. A year later I was promoted to Content Manager where I have the primary responsibility of managing and feeding content to a large network of web properties.

Since I can remember, I have always had a book in my hand and cancelled plans in order to stay home and read, not much has changed. Other than that you can usually find me at the dog park or by the pool soaking up the Las Vegas heat.

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