Last Man Alive and Now He is Legend: Two Full Length Western Novels by Gordon D. Shirreffs

Last Man Alive and Now He is Legend: Two Full Length Western Novels by Gordon D. Shirreffs

eBook: $2.99
Genres: Western Fiction, Westerns
Publisher: Wolfpack Publishing

Owen Wister and Spur Award winning Gordon D. Shirreffs pens incredible, true-to-life tales of the American west that are sure to please even the most discerning consumer of Western fiction.

In Last Man Alive, Lorimer had escaped the massacre at Big Hatchet thanks to pure blind luck—probably the only luck he’d ever had in his life. But the money was gone and the Indians sure hadn't taken it—they considered money bad medicine.

The Army thought him a thief and a coward, the Indians wanted him dead just because they didn't like survivors, and Lorimer had nobody on his side but his outcast half-breed...

In Now He Is Legend, Ross Starkey is a tormented drifter who lives by the gun and rides wherever the money is—to range wars in the north, to revolutions south of the border, to any outlaw renegade who has the right price to pay for his services. Now Starkey wants out, and there’s only one thing that stands in his way—a man they call the Tascosa Kid. The coming showdown will be unlike any Starkey has faced…

“The joy of reading Shirreffs’ work is in his mastery of pacing and his tough, gritty prose.” – James Reasoner, author of Outlaw Ranger.

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