Lancaster: The Complete Series by Robert J. Randisi

Lancaster: The Complete Series by Robert J. Randisi

eBook: $0.99
Genre: Western Fiction
Publisher: Wolfpack Publishing
Publication Year: 2020

“Lancaster is someone you'll want to know better…and you'll want him on your side.”

In classic western fashion, Lancaster’s story starts with a gunshot – but not just any gunshot. It was a sight that would haunt Lancaster's soul for the rest of his life – a beautiful little girl with startling blue eyes. Eyes that looked up at him as he fired the shot that killed her. He hadn't meant to do it. Why did she have to get in the way just as he drew down on the man he was hired to kill? After meeting another girl who needed help, he knew he'd finally found a way to regain his soul...even if it cost him his life in the bargain.

Join Lancaster on his countless courageous adventures of fighting for his life while trying to save the lives of others.

The Lancaster Series includes: The Ghost With Blue Eyes, Lancaster's Orphans, Gallows and Crow Bait.

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