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 September is the end of Summer, beginning of Fall, but more importantly it is the month most important to writers and editors alike: Be Kind to Editors & Writers Month! Three very successful Wolfpack Publishing authors shared their secrets of success and why they love their editors so much! 

L.J. Martin

Author, L.J. Martin relies on two specific editors to look over his work. In his manual, Write Compelling Fiction: How to Write and Sell Your Novel!, Martin explains why editors and a close eye are so important to writing compelling fiction.

In the Introduction, he says:                                                    

“I'm a guy who loves to hunt, fish, or carry my cameras into the outdoors for almost any excuse. Like most of you I've worked hard all my life. I love the West and its history and think I'd have done just fine had I lived a hundred and fifty years ago. As the song says, a country boy will survive. But it would have been hard to survive without a good book in hand. A compelling book that elicited the writers favorite compliment: I couldn’t put it down.

I do love a good novel, or a beautifully crafted non-fiction work.

But to be published you need more than a love of novels or great non-fiction. Be it driving an eighteen wheeler, driving a nail, or doing nails, there are skills to be learned, and writing compelling fiction requires the same. Of course there are skills to be learned, but there are tricks that make writing a novel, writing compelling fiction, easier to accomplish and much easier to sell.

There are also pitfalls, but most of them easily avoided.

I wanted to write and sell a novel. I learned how the hard way. By studying other's mistakes (and your own) you can learn the easy way. Even today, after selling over thirty book length works and having dozens of articles published, I fight obvious mistakes and poor grammar, clumsy sentence structure and worse—much worse—boring narrative.”

Robert Vaughan

Bestselling author, Robert Vaughan, has been writing for over 60 years and has published over 500 books, however he wouldn't be where he is today without the help of his long-time editor. 

I use Pat LoBrutto as my editor because I have full trust and confidence in him. I have known Pat for many years and worked with him when he was a senior editor for two publishing houses. We have also worked together at several writing conferences around the country.

For a while I conducted a writing seminar called WRITE ON THE BEACH, during which time I would invite up to six writers to come spend a week with me at my beach house in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Twice, Pat was a valued guest editor at those week-long seminars.

I must confess that I have mixed feelings about Pat going out on his own, because while he was associated with a major house, I had a good and reliable contact with this house. However, by being on his own, I have access to his editing expertise anytime I need it. And, though I have been writing for sixty years, I know I can always use a good editor. Actually, BECAUSE I have been writing for sixty years, I know I can always use a good editor.

Terry Grosz

Terry Grosz is an author of many fiction novels and non-fiction work as well. With over 32 years of experience in the field of wildlife law enforcement, he has a lot of materiel to work with, but yes, he still needs someone to look over his work!

“Elliott Sutta, my close personal friend and editor, was at one time the administrative officer for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's three-quarters of a million square mile, eight state, rocky mountain/prairie states region. Several years after his retirement from the USFWS, Elliott offered to be my editor in order that any of my books subsequently published would be correctly edited so that the stories and history contained therein would be grammatically of the highest quality and most readable style possible.

Eliott figures if he is in essence going to be my “co-author” grammatically, format and style wise, then his part in the endeavor will either be done correctly or not at all! The high quality of his work currently exhibited through a number of later published works by the author speaks for itself!”

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