Kill Theory (Team Reaper Book 11) by Brian Drake

Kill Theory (Team Reaper Book 11) by Brian Drake

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Genres: Action Adventure, Thriller
Publisher: Wolfpack Publishing
Publication Year: 2020


One by one, the top officials of US anti-drug agencies are targeted for murder. A cartel hit squad is running free in Washington, DC, and racking up a body count that sends shock waves through federal law enforcement.

Team Reaper must stop the killings, but John Kane begins to suspect a web of corruption that extends to the highest levels of the government. The assignment against the cartel hit team is compromised from the start, and soon Team Reaper is under attack. With Kane and his crew cut off from support, and seemingly disavowed from the very government they serve, the team is forced to go rogue, scorching the earth to find out who betrayed them, why, and discover who's truly behind the killings…

The enemy sees a blurred line between good and evil; Team Reaper will make it crystal clear.

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