Kacee Rundell

After spending most of her childhood living in Michigan, author Kacee Rundell moved back to her birthplace of Wyoming to study creative writing. While learning to craft her own voice on paper, she was surrounded by the farming and ranching culture.

Many years and four children later, she began to write again. This time it was far from fiction, but rather a documentation of a rare way of life that is slowly fading away on the winds of the timeless prairies, the American rancher. She fell in love with agriculture and felt a duty to share her experiences over the years.

These days Kacee still lives in her beautiful state of Wyoming with her children and small farming operation that keeps her busy at local farmers markets. As much as feeding cows is a necessity, so is writing. Her love of agriculture and writing will always collide as she sets her sights on moving back into the world of fiction.


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