Jason Chirevas

Jason Chirevas is a writer and journalist living just north of New York City. In addition to Avenging Angels: Three Days in Helltown, he is the author of novellas, short stories and, once upon a time, a 26-part western serial. As a journalist, he has worked as both a reporter and editor — for daily and weekly newspapers — in Westchester County and the Bronx. In 2015, the executive director of a luxury assisted living facility in the country’s richest suburb was fired after eight weeks of Jason’s investigative reporting and research produced a story exposing the director’s shady professional past.

Before getting into journalism, Jason worked as an undercover investigator for management consulting firm (not as excited as it sounds), a movie theater manager and did two tours in retail (exactly as exciting as it sounds). Some of those jobs — and some of his experience in journalism — taught Jason one never knows when one is living the good old days. It would be nice to know.

Jason’s favorite movie is Casablanca — it’s the thing that made him want to write more than anything else — but he’ll never pass up the opportunity to watch the first House Party or a Police Academy movie.

Jason Chirevas lives with his amazing, empowering, enabling wife of more than 20 years along with their cats and snakes. He’s also one of these action-figure nerds you’ve heard so much about. Jason counts Theodore Roosevelt, Popeye and Rowdy Roddy Piper as his personal heroes.


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