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An interview with author Jason Lawson

By Lauren Bridges

Jason Lawson has been with Wolfpack Publishing since 2017 and currently has one book published, The Fix. Jason Lawson lives and writes in New Brunswick Canada. He is an outdoors-man, who has a wonderful family, horses and a couple of dogs who love to accompany him on his treks into the wild.

Wolfpack: How did you begin writing?

Jason Lawson: In Grade 9, I walked into my English class on the first day and was informed by my teacher, Ms. Hopper, that the class would be participating in creative writing for the year. We had to write every day. It could be poetry, short stories, even journal entries, just as long as we wrote something. And I was furious. Like a typical teenager, I just wanted to goof off. But there was no way out of it, so I did it. Turns out I was pretty good at it. That year I won an award for the best written composition in junior high. I never looked back.

WP: Do you think you’ll ever try out another genre?

JL: So far I’ve tried humor, historical fiction and different forms of dramatic fiction, and I’ve had pretty good success as whatever I tackle. The key is to be prepared. I’m sure I’ll try my hand at another pretty soon.

WP: What type of books do enjoy reading?

JL: Action, Adventure, Westerns, sci-fi, who dunit, I’m not really fussy as long as it’s well written. If I don’t get it into it fairly early on, it will get tossed.

WP: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

JL: Pretty much anything to do with the outdoors. I enjoy boating, ATVing, fishing, hiking in the woods, snowshoeing, motorcycling and travel is great. Spending time with my family is always great.

WP: Do you ever put yourself or anyone you know into your characters?

JL: I suppose there’s characteristics of mine that end up in some of my characters, but none of them ever become a carbon-copy of myself. There’s just bits and pieces of myself in them, I suppose. Sometimes I use friends and acquaintances of mine as characters in my novels. I, and they, always get a kick out of that.

WP: Do you have a designated writing spot? Tell us a bit what it looks like.

JL: A lot of the time I write at my kitchen table, which is handy to the coffee pot and to the window which overlooks the Richibucto River. It’s a wide, beautiful tributary that leads from inland New Brunswick to the Northumberland Strait, and on to the Atlantic Ocean. The shoreline is dotted with cottages and houses and as I write this (It’s January) it is frozen solid. It’s gorgeous and ever-changing, which makes it very inspirational.

WP: Are you currently working on anything?

JL: Right now I’m in the middle of a screenplay which is a comedy. I’ve just completed the development phase of a documentary series for television, and I’m about to finish the sequel to my novel, “The Vision”. The new manuscript is called ‘Visions.’ I should mention I sold the movie rights to “The Vision” and it is currently in development with a Canadian Film Producer. I just finished the screenplay and hopefully it will get to production real soon. As you can see, I like to keep busy!

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