David Althouse

An Interview With David Althouse 

By Lauren Bridges

David Althouse has been with WolfPack Publishing since 2016 and currently has one book, Hawk Eyes. Althouse has worked in Public Affairs and Journalism and has always had a love for the written word.


Wolfpack: You used to be in Journalism and Public Affairs, how did you venture off to writing a book?

David Althouse: From very early in my youth I always wanted to write imaginative tales to be enjoyed by a mass audience. None of my earlier career pursuits took precedence over that early dream.

WP: Why Westerns? Do you have a background in that genre?

 DA: Reading western novels and history books during my youth began my love affair with reading in general. As far back as grade school, I read books about Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone. I then proceeded to read each of the novels written by Zane Grey, Louis L'Amour, Matt Braun, Tony Hillerman, and others. Also, growing up in Oklahoma gave me the benefit of a western setting rich in history, interesting geography and first-hand accounts.  

WP: What genres do you enjoy reading the most?

 DA: I love historical fiction of all kinds. I will always love western novels, but I also enjoy reading mysteries, crime novels, history and fiction concerning the War Between the States, the Knights Templar and World War Two. I have read all of the Sherlock Holmes stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, all of the espionage novels by William F. Buckley, Jr. and all of the works of Oklahoma historian Glenn Shirley. As of this writing, I am reading Where Eagles Dare by Alistair Maclean and The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry.

WP: I see you travel a lot, where’s your favorite place you’ve been?

 DA: My favorite region of the United States is the southwest. It is hard for me to pick a favorite spot within that area because I love it all. My daydreams can easily drift to the Grand Canyon, the San Juan Mountains, Monument Valley, Mesa Verde, Leadville, Independence Pass, Silverton, Taos, Red River, Santa Fe or a host of other places in the states of New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona or Utah. I also find inspiration right here in my own backyard of Oklahoma. My wife and I recently took a day trip to Robbers Cave in southeastern Oklahoma and had a great time in that little world of pine trees and sandstone cliffs once traversed by the likes of Jesse James and Belle Starr.  

WP: What does your writing space look like?

 DA: My writing space is an old roll top desk. Atop the desk are two portraits of Frank “Pistol Pete” Eaton and a painting of a hawk by artist Rick Arnold.

 WP: Do you have anyone in your life (wife, kids, etc.,) that helps support your writing career?

 DA: My wife, Patrice, helps me in a million ways. If she sees a book I might like, she buys it. If she reads an interesting article related to my pursuits, she saves it for me. Together, we have traveled to many places, hiked numerous trails across mountains, mesas and desert, and have visited many interesting museums and libraries throughout the country.

 WP: What does an average day look like for you? When do you find the time to write?

 DA: The best time to write is in the morning while the energy levels are still high. However, I can sometimes write long into the night while the rest of the world is asleep. Inspiration comes and I act on it regardless of the time or place. That is why I keep a journal with me at all times.

 WP: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? (Either about writing or anything else)

 DA: Winston Churchill once said, “Never, ever ever ever ever give up.” That simple bit of advice applies not only to writing but to any pursuit one has in this life.

WP: What’s next for you, are you currently working on anything?

 DA: I am finishing up a novel on Frank “Pistol Pete” Eaton — gunfighter, lawman and cowboy – whose likeness serves as the mascot for the Cowboys of Oklahoma State University. Frank lived up into the 1950’s and told many an exciting tale from a time when men skinned their own hides and settled their own scores.

For more information about David Althouse, visit https://wolfpackpublishing.com/david-althouse/