B.N. Rundell

An Interview With B.N. Rundell

By Lauren Bridges

B.N. Rundell has been a part of Wolfpack Publishing since 2016 and currently has four books, one stand-alone novel, Star Dancer, and a series, The Buckskin Chronicles. Rundell is a retired pastor and educator who is now following his life-long dreams.


Wolfpack: I know you started writing later in your life, what inspired you to start writing and why didn’t you start earlier?

B.N. Rundell: Although I wanted to write most of my life, life got in the way. I started on writing once, but didn't have the time. I like to devote 100% to any task and couldn't take on other tasks. After retirement, my wife encouraged me to “get at it” and I did and here we are!

WP: How does your wife, Dawn, help support your writing career?

BR: She is my “sound board” and everything I write goes through the “wife filter” for editorial comments and suggestions. Her inspiration and encouragement keep me going.

WP: You mainly write Westerns, do you have a background in that genre?

BR: My youth was spent “in the saddle” at every opportunity, as my family has roots in ranching and rodeo.

WP: Are there any other genres you are thinking of trying out soon?

BR: After I master this genre, which will probably take about 30 years, then I'll try another. Course, I'll be over 100 by that time.

WP: What’s your favorite genre to read?

BR: Westerns, historical fiction, frontier.

WP: Any books you’re currently reading?

BR: The “ten pack” from Wolfpack with Robert Vaughan and many others.

WP: I believe you’re retired, so what’s an average day look like for you?

BR: Starts about 5, couple hours recording audio books, break time, writing the rest of the day. Of course, there are times for “Honey do's.”

WP: Do you have a designated writing spot? Tell us a bit what it looks like.

BR: Dining Room table is always cluttered with research material, but it's right next to a picture window that I often stare at the mountains from while my mind wanders back in time. A mess, usually.

WP: What’s the best advice if you’ve received? (about writing or anything else)

BR: Always keep your priorities right . . . God first, family second, and everything else after . . .

WP: Do you/have you ever placed yourself or anyone close to you into any of your characters?

BR: I've never used others or myself as the actual character, but I have borrowed their names to use for characters. That is not often well received because they don't always match up and when I put a “pot belly” on one or some other unflattering characteristic, I usually hear about it.

WP: Which book has been your biggest labor of love thus far?

BR: The first book of the Buckskin Chronicles series, To Keep a Promise. That book wandered the empty halls of my mind for many years before it found the exit and became real.

WP: So what’s next for you?

BR: Couple things . . . I'm continuing with the Buckskin Chronicles series, with succeeding generations and no end in sight. And I'm writing a western loosely based on my Grandfather's life with the central scene a shoot out at a church picnic between him and his future brother-in-law. Actually happened! This one is titled, “Ridin' Lonesome.”


For more information about B.N. Rundell, visit https://wolfpackpublishing.com/b-n-rundell/


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