An Interview With Author C.F. Goldblatt

 An Interview With Author C.F. Goldblatt

C.F. Goldblatt joined Wolfpack Publishing in 2017. Goldblatt began writing after a traumatic experience with the sea, as a way to share his experiences and help rebuild his damaged relationship with the sea. He helped to pioneer the Ocean Adventure genre and enjoys sharing what he knows and loves.

Q: What book or books have inspired you as a writer?

A: Kon Tiki, Old Man and the Sea, The Last of the Blue Water Hunters and With Lawrence in Arabia

Q: What does an average day look like for you?

A: Typically, I get out of bed and as most writers do, I take a nap. After that I turn my attention to my international business dealings and my non-profit where we make artificial reefs around the globe to enhance marine life. If the water is clear and the fish are in, I will typically try to go free-dive spearfishing during the day or lobster diving at night- after some good ocean exposure I will sit down and hammer out a few pages of my next novel, have a G&T and hit the sheets. If I am abroad, I am typically diving with natives or cutting business deals and building reefs.

Q: How distracted are you when writing? Do you give yourself certain rules?

A: I have a refined process. I let the next chapter roll around in my head for a day or so starting with just a small fiber of what happens next as the starting place. I only write while it is still fun and I know I am on the right track when I lose time or on occasion shed a few tears- my characters and events are based very closely on reality – so writing about them can be intensely personal at times. I admit when a distraction comes that breaks my trance, I bark at it like an angry dog

Q: What are you currently reading?

A: Solomon’s Builders, a book about the Free Masons and how they built America.  I would join them, but I can never seem to find the front doors to their lodges. In reality, most powerful things in life do have functional inner circles that drive the outside agenda and I find such mechanisms fascinating.

Q: What is the best advice about writing you have been given?

A: That comes form my Mother, a great writer herself, her advice is simple, “Keep Writing”- this is true, and only through long term continuous writing can one find their voice and even attempt to perfect the craft.  Learning to spell, well, I went to public school so I am still working on that. Other good advice came from my friend T.C Boyle, he told me “not to be afraid to prosper.”  I take that to mean that it is ok to strive to be truly great at writing.

Q: When it comes to your writing who is your biggest supporter?

A: There is my gal Amy who won’t let me slack off –my mom Tina, she has always been a strong source of support albeit at the cost of some intense editing – but I find what keeps me going is simply when one of my readers looks at me and says they felt they were in the story with me, or that they honestly felt they had gone through something after reading one of my books. So it is about the connection with the reader that I find most supportive.

Q: I know you travel a lot, where is your favorite place you have been thus far?

A: Africa left a deep impression on me. As of late, I am working a lot in Papua New Guinea which is the setting for my next Luke Dodge novel and I love it  because the people are untouched in many ways and there is no lying in them and that allows me to be honest with myself and my writing – but I am a sucker for Japan too, the food, the clean streets the polite  people and they have a an deep un-apologetic  relationship with the sea.

Q: So, I know you joined the offshore tuna fleet in San Diego after the death of your father, that sounds a lot like the life of Luke Dodge in Stone Shot. How much of the book is based on personal experiences?

A: STONE SHOT is what I call “reality based fiction”- it was my first book and is nearly all autobiographical in nature including sinking at sea, working on the boats and losing, Larry, my dad at the age of 12. As for the poaching, thieving, under-aged sex and all the rest, I plead the 5th.

Q: What made you finally decide to write Stone Shot? Had you had the idea for a while?

A: When I and my friends were smashed to bits in the dead of night back in 2003 by a fuel barge. I died that night and came back to life a different man. My soul was damaged and I was terrified of the one thing that I had loved more than anything in the world, the Ocean. I had to find way a way to make peace with my PTSD and repair my relationship with the sea- so I started writing and here I am 14 years and six books in. I still get the jitters before I go to sea, but I don’t let it stop me.

Q: What can we expect to see next from you?

A: I am proud to have helped pioneer the Ocean Adventure genre.  I have many more Luke Dodge books left in me. I hope to help people see the ocean in ways they never imagined and I hope to continue to evolve. I hold a seat at the United Nations Seabed Authority where we manage the open ocean for future generations, so I have a mile high view of the future of the ocean and humanities’ relationship with it. I hope to share with my readers what I see off on the distant horizon and help my readers gain a long term view of our species relationship with the sea.


Look for C.F. Goldblatt’s novel, Stone Shot, later this week!

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