The Hunters (A Chaney Brothers Western Book 3) by Robert Vaughan

The Hunters (A Chaney Brothers Western Book 3) by Robert Vaughan

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Genre: Westerns
Publisher: Wolfpack Publishing
Publication Year: 2019


When Lance Chaney’s ex-commanding officer from the Civil War comes to him for help, the Barlow Marshal cannot refuse, even when things don’t add up.

With his brother Buck riding alongside him, the pair find more trouble than they care to. From Indians, to outlaws, their trail is dotted with violence.

Meanwhile back in Barlow, Lance’s remaining deputy is killed, leaving the town wide open for the lawless. But out of the freezing winter comes a one-eyed man who seems to be fit for the job.

Except Ben Travers has a plan. He and his gang are going to take Barlow for all it has, and he doesn’t care how many corpses he has to walk over to get it.

Best-selling western author Robert Vaughan keeps you glued to your seat with the third Chaney Brothers Western.

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