Happy National Coffee Day

Why Do Book Lovers Love Drinking Coffee?

Today is National Coffee Day! Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to find a book lover who doesn’t also love a good cup of coffee? We’ve put together some of our favorite “Books and Beans” memes that show the love bookworms have for this heavenly drink.

For reading all night:

Everyone knows that “just one more chapter” doesn’t actually mean just one more chapter. You’ll need some fuel to power through, so grab a cup of joe and finish that book! Caffeine helps us function like normal human beings and accomplish everyday tasks. So it’s not a pretty picture when you don’t have at least one cup.

Coffee Not Working

When you want peace and quiet:

There are always those days when you want to relax and read in silence. On those days the only noises you will tolerate are water running in a warm relaxing shower, java dripping from the coffeemaker and the pages of your book turning. All other noise is unnecessary and unwanted. A cup of coffee (or two) helps tolerate the other sounds you are bound to hear throughout the day.


Water running, coffee dripping, pages turning

Better than fairytales:

Some of the best fairytales involve magic potions, and most book lovers can agree that the best magic potion is caffeinated. When you’re as tired as Sleeping Beauty a cup of joe will wake you up. Who needs a prince to bring you back to life when you have coffee?

Coffee is magic beans

When you run out:

Have you ever experienced that feeling of emptiness when you finish a book or a series? Well, a lot of bookworms have a similar feeling when they run out of coffee. Let’s hope you don’t finish your book and your coffee at the same time!

Coffee Depresso

So whether you like it hot, iced or blended. Whether you plan on heading to your favorite coffeeshop or making some yourself. Be sure to celebrate the day with your favorite caffeinated drink!

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