Gun for Wells Fargo: A John Pope Western by G. Wayne Tilman

Gun for Wells Fargo: A John Pope Western by G. Wayne Tilman

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Genres: Western Fiction, Westerns
Publisher: Wolfpack Publishing
Publication Year: 2020

John Pope was a fast-rising 1880s detective with the San Francisco Police Department. His career changed when Jim Hume saw him stop one Wells Fargo robbery and solve another. The famous Chief of Detectives for Wells Fargo hired him immediately.

Pope, raised by the last of the mountain men, might have worn a suit and bowler hat, but his .44’s were fast and deadly and his investigative techniques flawless. He solved train and stage robberies, embezzlements and pursued fugitives all over the West.

In Prescott, he met a beautiful former Pinkerton named Sarah Watson. She had been one of America’s first female detectives. He recruited her – crime solving and shooting abilities equal – they became an unstoppable force for good.

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