My Gun Is My Passport: The Johann Gunther Adventure Collection by Hock Hochheim

My Gun Is My Passport: The Johann Gunther Adventure Collection by Hock Hochheim

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Genre: Westerns
Publisher: Wolfpack Publishing
Publication Year: 2020


West Point graduate, military vet and former Texas deputy Johann Gunther, co-owner of Remedies Detective Agency in Ft. Worth, Texas is asked by his former commander, President Teddy Roosevelt to join a British Army contingent and search for and find a renegade US Army Colonel Vito Latissimo, who is conspiring with local chieftains and the Russian military to control the Khyber Pass.

Join Gunther as he tracks renegade Indians in Montana, then battles foreign spies in a deadly Atlantic crossing. Ride with him as he fights vicious, bloodthirsty tribesmen and political madmen through the Straits of Gibraltar into India and up the Khyber Pass for a battle at a fortress atop the world.

My Gun Is My Passport: The Johann Gunther Adventure Collection includes: Last of the Gunmen, My Gun is My Passport and Rio Grande Black Magic.

Also included in this great 3-book set - Last of the Gunmen

Ft Worth, Texas 1908. The United States is recovering from the financial Panic of 1907 and the San Francisco earthquake. A philanthropist tycoon is

murdered on the streets of Ft Worth. A corrupt police detective is framed for the crime. Once jailed, the detective’s wife is murdered in a daring daytime robbery, along with a former Louisiana judge who rushed to her rescue. The killers? Members of a minor league baseball team who commit crimes when on the road, and who also are the first criminal, biker gang, along with a Texas Ranger by day, and a criminal mastermind by night named Chester Winch. Behind all that? A sinister criminal plot by robber barons to alter America and the world’s economies. Who can the Texas Governor call for help? Who does the corrupt police detective, crying from his jail cell, call for help? Johann Gunther of the Remedies Detective Agency. Gunther is back from his death-defying adventure in Afghanistan, as chronicled in My Gun is My Passport. And now, along with his partner Jefe, and with some critical help from the legendary Bat Masterson, Gunther faces cold violence, and vicious death right in his home town of Ft Worth and on the flatlands of west Texas in a climatic firefight to rival the O.K. Corral.   In a new 20th century world of cars, guns, motorcycles, baseball, hit men, corruption, global economies and organized crime, who are the last of the gunmen? And what will it take to finish off their crime wave and their brutal reign of terror?  Johann Gunther aims to find out, and he aims and shoots to kill.

Also included in this great 3-book set – Rio Grande Black Magic

Did Johann Gunther help assassinate Pancho Villa? The President wants General Blackjack Pershing to find out. What he finds changes history in this action, adventure, mystery! When Gunther and Jefe ride into the Texican, Mexican border city of Tremboro on the Rio Grande to buy guns for a security job, it was the worst time. Pancho Villa and his raping, bloodthirsty henchman were there to recruit mercenaries. But they soon discover Villa wants more. Angry at his treatment by the American government, he wants to rape and pillage the city for all its worth. Can Gunther stop this small army of raiders in time? Will revenge turn Gunther into a hunted assassin decades later?

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