Grizzly Killer: Hell On The Horizon (Book 12) by Lane R Warenski

Grizzly Killer: Hell On The Horizon (Book 12) by Lane R Warenski

eBook: $2.99
Genres: Western Fiction, Westerns
Publisher: Wolfpack Publishing
Publication Year: 2021


Fall of 1833 – Zach Connors, his partners and friends are in the middle of their trapping season when a call for help finds them. Three young Bannock hunters have disappeared from their hunting party. The Bannock hunters are many days travel from their homeland, in country they do not know.

Zach, better known as Grizzly Killer, and his partners heed the call for help. They put away their traps and leave their families behind as they search for the lost boys, not realizing that the search would lead them hundreds of miles from their home into unfamiliar lands and against ruthless enemy warriors. They wonder, as they crest each new horizon, what kind of hell they will find…

Lane R Warenski does a fabulous job of recreating the life, danger, beauty and heroism of the western mountain man.”

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