C.K. Crigger

Get to Know New Author C.K. Crigger

By Lauren Bridges

C.K. Crigger has been with Wolfpack Publishing since 2016. She currently has one book, Black Crossing, with Wolfpack Publishing and two books, In The Service of the Queen and Shadow Soldier, with City Lights Press.


Wolfpack: Did you always know you wanted to write?

C.K. Crigger: I sure did. In my opinion, nothing encourages a person to write like being a voracious reader, and my folks were great readers–especially of Westerns. I just followed suit. Mom also bought Western Romance magazines, and when I was eight, I wrote a story in that vein. Okay. Go ahead and laugh yourself silly! I do, just thinking about it. But, it does show my life-long ambition. I still have a very beat-up copy of one of those magazines.

WP: You write Westerns as well as Fantasy/SciFi, which do you find easier to write and which do you enjoy the most?

CC: Easier to write? Hmm. I think it depends entirely on what captures my imagination at the time. There’s a bit of the Western in my Fantasy/SciFi stuff. In fact, I had a short story turned down once because the editor thought it read too much like a Western. I’ve written contemporary mysteries, as well, and have one (Hometown Homicide) coming out from Black Opal Books in June, 2017. So far, the contemporary mystery has been the most difficult for me to write.

WP: What genre do you enjoy reading?

CC: Anything that draws me into a story. In fiction, I’ll read post-apocalyptic stuff, some fantasy and some science fiction. I read westerns and books set in other historical times and locations, as well as lots of mysteries. Literary stuff? Not so much. Romance? No.

WP: Are there any authors or books that inspire your writing?

CC: Every author and every book I read inspires me. Whether the story is admirable and I wish I’d written it, or whether it’s so bad I want to weep for the writer who has worked so hard, each one has an effect that moves me in some way.

WP: Do you ever put yourself or people you know into your characters?

CC: Ummm, maybe.

WP: What’s an average day look like for you?

CC: A day isn’t complete without sitting down at my computer and setting my fingers to keyboard. I usually write in the morning and early afternoon. That said, I may write 150 words one day, and 1500 the next. It all depends.

WP: Which book has been your biggest labor of love thus far?

CC: All of them while I’m writing. Well, I do have two favorites. One is the second book of my time travel series, (Shadow Soldier) which is set in WWI. I learned so much doing research for that book. And the second book is a post-apocalyptic titled Hereafter, that nobody seems to be reading.

WP: What advice would you give to someone just starting their writing career?

CC: Be persistent, work hard, keep regular writing hours and never stop reading.

WP: Are you working on anything right now?

CC: Oh yes, I’m always working on something. I’m finishing up another Western, I’m plotting (mostly in my head) the sixth China Bohannon historical mystery, I’m planning to work on a follow-up story to my first contemporary mystery due out in June, and I have a science fiction story cogitating in my mind. I also have two novellas I need to do something with. That’s enough on my plate for the moment, wouldn’t you agree?


For more information about C.K. Crigger, visit https://wolfpackpublishing.com/c-k-crigger/

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