Ezekiel’s Oregon by Johnny Gunn

Ezekiel's Oregon by Johnny GunnEzekiel’s Oregon
by Johnny Gunn

Ezekiel’s Journey continues as he and the family settle on their homestead and begin the hard work of developing a farm. There is a movement afoot to bring Oregon into the union and Zeke is one of those promoting the idea. He discovers his leadership ability and is elected to the Oregon Territorial Legislature.

It’s not all roses for the intrepid adventurer as he finds strong opposition to statehood coming from those that want Oregon as a slave state, and those that are dead set against the welcoming of more immigrants.

Rumblings of Indian problems for the thousands that will travelling the Oregon Trail are addressed as well. Oregon Territory stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the Continental Divide. Can such a large area even be governed? Maybe break some off?

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