Explosive Crossroads by C.F. Goldblatt

Explosive Crossroads y C.F. GoldblattExplosive Crossroads

by C.F. Goldblatt

Temporarily exiled in Panamá with his fiancée Dr. Nici, Luke finds that the country is a spearfishing and fishing paradise. In virgin Pacific and Caribbean waters, he finds huge tuna, amberjack, roosterfish, pargo and grouper. While hunting robalo just outside the gates to the Panamá Canal, he discovers a massive, unexploded, radioactive dirty bomb. Luke makes a few wrong moves and becomes the prime suspect in a plot to blow up the Canal. With Homeland Security hot on his tail, Luke finds protection among his Kuna and Emberá Indian friends, hiding out deep in the coastal rain forest.

The Columbian FARC rebels kidnap Luke and march him to one of their hidden base camps. Luke has a steamy war-time romance with Gabriella, the tough, sensual leader of the FARC platoon holding Luke captive. In an epic overnight battle from atop a makeshift raft, the two grapple with a giant black marlin they call Viejo. It is up to Luke to win his freedom by tracking down the terrorists and thwarting their plan to blow up the Canal and destroy Panamá City – where Nici waits for his safe return.

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