The Drowned Horse Chronicle: Volume One: The Forrest Years by David Boop

The Drowned Horse Chronicle: Volume One: The Forrest Years by David Boop

eBook: $3.99
Genres: Fantasy, Historical
Publisher: Wolpack Publishing

The Drowned Horse Chronicle: Volume 1: The Forrest Years is the first mosaic novel in David Boop’s Weird Western series, collecting previously published short stories and presenting many new ones, ultimately weaving them into one compelling narrative.

Welcome to the town of Drowned Horse. It’s one helluva place...

Westward expansion was fraught with peril from the get-go, be it weather, wildlife, or Natives. But what no one expected was the supernatural phenomena: Native American gods, vampires, ghosts, and aliens.

Legend has it that a person’s deepest fears become real in Drowned Horse. Its citizens have seen it all: Gambling Gods. Mythological Monsters. Sinful Settlers. But despite these “setbacks,” they do their best to carve out a life here…before it carves back...

A place of dreams and nightmares, it’s where pioneers carry their demons as luggage on the 4:00 stagecoach. Will these stubborn fools build a future here, or will the ghosts of their past drag them under the red-painted desert?

Standing between the dark and the light is one brave sheriff…

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