Double Deal by C.K. Crigger

Double Deal by C.K. CriggerDouble Deal

By C.K. Crigger

Bunco artists looking for an easy target are in for a surprise when they run up against a bored former U.S. Marshal and a woman with a dodgy past.

Biden Smith is a successful wheat farmer now, although he wasn’t always tied to the land. What’s more, he isn’t sure he wants to be. He’s celebrating an abundant harvest with a few drinks at the local saloon when he’s drawn into a poker game with a couple strangers. The talk turns to horses and a big race being held at the state fair and it so happens there’s nothing Biden likes better than a good horse race. He’s not adverse to laying a few bets either. However, a Mickey Finn and a virtual kidnapping are not in his plans. When he wakes up on a train headed for the coast–considerably lighter in the pocketbook–help to bring the bunco artists to justice arrives from a surprising source. But what is this young woman and her son doing on the train? And why is she as hell bent for revenge as Biden himself?


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