Death Stalks The Diamond Valley (Terrence Corcoran 6) by Johnny Gunn

Death Stalks The Diamond Valley (Terrence Corcoran 6) by Johnny Gunn

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Genre: Westerns
Publisher: Wolfpack Publishing
Publication Year: 2019

The rich ranches of the Diamond Valley north of Eureka, Nevada, are plagued by rustlers, the Bank of Eureka is being threatened by a gang of bank robbers, the Eureka County Sheriff is wounded chasing rustlers, and Terrence Corcoran is named acting Sheriff. What could possibly go wrong?

Winters in the high mountains of central Nevada can be fierce, with ridges above eight thousand feet, heavy snow snaps trees, hurricane winds blow trees down, and man and beast are not safe. A botched train robbery sends Corcoran and his posse chasing the killers, deep into the Cortez Range as the first major blizzard of the winter arrives.

Is Corcoran looking at two gangs, rustlers and bank robbers, or are they somehow connected? It is the connection that is confusing. The rustlers try to kill Corcoran and his posse. The bank robbers try to kill Corcoran and his posse, but it is the connection that allows Corcoran to win.

There’s humor, danger, and just a touch of buckaroo romance in the sixth Terrence Corcoran Western.

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