Deadly Intent: A Team Reaper Thriller (Book 2) by Brent Towns

Deadly Intent: A Team Reaper Thriller (Book 2) by Brent Towns

eBook: $0.99
Genre: Thriller & Suspense
Publisher: Wolfpack Publishing
Publication Year: 2019


In book two of the fast-paced Reaper Series, the team must divide their forces before things go too far.

After Team Reaper’s convoy is attacked by Cartel soldiers and American Mercenaries, Kane and Ferrero agree that the chain of command needs to be streamlined. The decision sees the team get a new overall commander, former Ranger, General Mary Thurston.

But more bad news is on the way…

Juan Montoya and Colin O’Brien escape from prison and the facility where Kane’s sister and Cara’s son are at is attacked and the boy taken. On top of that, the team is lured into a trap and Kane, along with a new team member, are captured.

Now the race is on to find the boy and the two team members all while Montoya is planning a devastating blow to exact revenge against the American Government.

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