David Althouse

David Althouse

David Althouse is a native of Oklahoma, having spent his formative years hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and horseback riding throughout the state's Ouachita Mountain country. These days, David enjoys traveling across the American West, enjoying the people, places and history along the way.

“I enjoy hiking the old trails,” David says, “scaling the slopes, traversing the mountains and mesas, and encountering all of the sights, sounds, and scents of the West. I feel at home in the places of which I write. I've had an appreciation for the written and spoken word for as far back as I can remember. I especially love the literature that speaks of the Western frontier — its history, fiction, characters, music, natural beauty, and romance.”

A graduate of Oklahoma State University, David has worked in public affairs and journalism, and his writing has been published in magazines, newspapers and on websites. Most recently, David served eight years as senior feature writer for Distinctly Oklahoma Magazine.


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