Congratulations to Linell Jeppsen and Cliff Hudgins

Congratulations to Linell Jeppsen and Cliff Hudgins on their nominations for the Western Fictioneers Peacemaker awards!

Far West: The Diary of Eleanor Higgins Far West: The Diary of Eleanor Higgins by Linell Jeppsenby Linell Jeppsen is a nominee for the Western Fictoneers Peacemaker award for Best Novel.

“Nel Higgins is the sixteen-year-old daughter of Frank Higgins, a deranged Lutheran pastor. After Nel’s mother passes away, she finds herself and her sister, Annie, at the mercy of her father in Yankton, Dakota Territory, 1876.

Bereft and frightened, Nel knows, deep in her heart, that neither she nor Annie will survive unless they can escape his evil clutches. Then, when unforeseen circumstances lead to Frank’s sudden death, the two girls soon board the famous riverboat, the Far West.

Once on board, Nel finds herself following the path of American destiny toward Fort Abraham Lincoln, Custer’s Last Stand and the Battle of the Little Bighorn!”

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Grandpa And The Kid (Viejo Series Book 7) by Cliff HudginsNominated for the Western Fictoneers Best Western YA/Children Fiction is Grandpa And The Kid by Cliff Hudgins.

“Adversity is the stimulus of life. It moves one to develop or collapse. A young boy loses his entire family to a calamity and forces him to change. His mother’s last wish was to find a man he has just barely heard about and doesn’t know if he will be received well or not, but he must meet his Grandpa in Texas.”

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We’re proud to have both of these talented authors as part of the Wolfpack Publishing family.

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