Commando: WWII Action Collection, Volume I by Jack Badelaire

Commando: WWII Action Collection, Volume I by Jack Badelaire

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Genre: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Wolfpack Publishing
Publication Year: 2019

The year is 1941.

Hitler’s Blitzkrieg has ground Europe into submission under hobnailed jackboots and steel tank treads. With the evacuation at Dunkirk, Britain stands alone, a small island nation defiant in the path of a ruthless juggernaut.

Unable to mount a counteroffensive against the Germans, but unwilling to let them rest easy and reinforce their positions unmolested, the British military began the formation of small, independent companies of light infantry raiders, well trained and heavily armed.

The men who formed these raiding companies were volunteers, men who were not willing to wait at home on English soil for the eventual invasion of Europe, but instead felt the call for action in their blood, the need for danger and adventure, the chance to strike back against the Third Reich. Tough, belligerent, loyal, and above all, brave to the point of madness.

These men were known as Commandos.

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