Commando: The Complete World War II Action Collection Series, Volume II

Commando: The Complete World War II Action Collection Series, Volume II

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Genre: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Wolfpack Publishing
Publication Year: 2019

Reload your rifle and charge back into the action with three more of Jack Badelaire's British Commando novels:

Operation Dervish: The Commandos team up with a British tank squadron in an effort to support a new offensive, but they run headlong into a force of German panzers. The battle for survival covers the desert sands with slaughtered men and shattered tanks, while the Commandos are trapped in a hell of armoured death and a storm of high explosives.

Operation Archery: British forces launch a combined-arms Commando raid on the Norwegian town of Vaagso in order to damage Germany's war industry. Engaging in brutal house-to-house fighting, casualties begin to mount, and the fighting spirit of Britain’s finest is severely tested as the ferocious German defense pushes the Commandos to the breaking point.

Operation Eisen: Returning to French soil, the Commandos launch a deadly assault on a chateau occupied by the Waffen-SS. But when three deadly and diabolical SS veterans escape the slaughter, the Commandos find themselves in a race against time. Can they reach the coast and hide until salvation arrives, or must they fight to the last against impossible odds?

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