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Wildlife Dies Without Making a Sound, Volume 2

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Ride the wildlife outlaw trail with Federal Conservation Officer, Terry Grosz, and "live" his real life adventures in the deadly and savage world of wildlife law enforcement. In this last book of the series, age and dimming memories are bringing to a close Terry's life's adventures as a wildlife officer, putting those in the business of extinction out of business.

Work undercover during the fabled Abalone Wars of the Pacific Coast of California; target shooters in Missouri slaughtering mourning dove over baited fields; work covertly in freezing weather in South Dakota on the largest illegal Canada goose killing operation in the history of the state; fight the wildlife import/export border wars along the Canadian border; enjoy a magical moment with a Black Wolf in Colorado; seize illegal walrus ivory; arrest motorcycle gang members; threaten a crooked cop and other real life action tales await the reader in this latest book.

This is first person wildlife law enforcement at its living best as told by a solitary lawman protecting those in the world of wildlife for over a thirty-two-year period who had little or no voice.