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High Country: A Classic Western Series (The Quest Chronicles Book #1)

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In the wake of a brutal attack that shattered his family and razed his home to ashes, Cordell Beckett emerges from the ruins with a singular purpose burning in his heart—vengeance. With each step, his resolve strengthens, his skills sharpen, and his determination to track down the renegade Red Legs grows.

Yet, as Cordell embarks on his quest for retribution across the untamed expanse of the newly settled West, echoes of his father's teachings tug at his conscience. Wrestling with the age-old dilemma of justice versus reprisal, he grapples with the haunting question: Is he driven by duty…or consumed by revenge?

Follow along as one cowboy sets his sights on the high country of the Rocky Mountains, where the plague of gold fever runs amok and outlaw renegades hide in numbers.