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Hell Or High Water In The Indian Territory: The Adventures of the Dodson Brothers, Deputy U.S. Marshals

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Saddle up and ride the Outlaw Trail throughout the Indian Territory in Oklahoma during one of the most violent and lawless periods in the history of the Old West.

Ride with the three Dodson Brothers who experienced the almost total loss of their family members to cattle rustling, raping, and murdering ex-confederate soldiers.  Soldiers then fled into the lawless Indian Territory to avoid prosecution in a land where only a few federal lawmen were available to enforce the laws of the land. Follow the tribulations of the three Dodson Brothers who could track the murderers of their family members throughout the Indian Territory and, without lawful authority other than the rights of man, bring the killers before Federal Judge Isaac “The Hanging Judge” Parker for prosecution.

Experience their conversion into Deputy U.S. Marshals at the behest of Judge Parker and then follow their law enforcement adventures as they pursue murderers, bootleggers, horse thieves, cattle rustlers, and rapists throughout the Indian Territory wanted by Judge Parker's Court. Warning, be prepared for a surprise ending to the adventures of the three Dodson brothers, Deputy U.S. Marshals…

Terry Grosz was a Conservation Officer for more than 32 years initially for the State of California as a fish and game warden and then with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as a special agent. His fourteen previous wildlife law enforcement true-life adventure books include Wildlife Wars, winner of the National Outdoor book award for nature and environment. He has a two-hour movie credit titled “Wildlife Wars” with the Animal Planet T.V. series and is the author of six historical mountain man and western novels. He lives in Colorado.