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An Unexpected War (Tales of an Inconvenient War Book #2)

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In 1949, First Lieutenant Everett Klehn arrives in San Francisco on his way to Tokyo to take up a position as an Intelligence analyst at SCAP (Supreme Commander Allied Powers) Headquarters. But his orders are altered so that he leads a raucous group of Airborne trainees to their new post on Okinawa and ends up on temporary duty as a platoon leader for eight weeks, where he forms a bond with Sergeant Witherspoon, known as ‘Spoon’.

SCAP ultimately calls for him to head to Tokyo where he is put in an Intelligence unit headed by Captain Barrows, an overbearing and arrogant leader, who takes the work of his analysts and passes it off as his own. Through translating duties and Intelligence work Everett watches the drama of two antagonistic Koreas head inexorably toward war.