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Desert Death Raid (M.I.A. Hunter Book #12)

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It looked like an easy job for Mark Stone and his men. The presidential party of a small African nation was being held hostage by a savage band of cutthroat rebels–and all Stone had to do was go in and get 'em out. A piece of cake–until the rebels forced their chopper to crash-land in the driest, deadest patch of land on Earth.

Now, in a barren desert overrun with bloodthirsty nomads, Stone and his team must lead the presidential party to safety. It's a long, hot, torturous death walk–without food, water, or camouflage. And the only thing they've got plenty of is guts…and a rebel army of killers on their tails!

It's just the perfect do-or-die mission for someone like…


He made a difference in Southeast Asia. Now–his most electrifying adventure!