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Flowers and Tombstones of a Conservation Officer: Struggles Won and Lost (Flowers and Tombstones Book #2)

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Ride the wildlife outlaw trail in his book series with veteran conservation officer, Terry Grosz, and participate in his real-life law enforcement adventures in the savage and deadly world of wildlife law enforcement.

Ride with Terry as he apprehends commercial market hunters destroying California's rare desert bighorn sheep; follow him while working undercover, staking out California's rugged Northcoast during the deadly abalone wars; journey to Missouri and working covertly, arrest numerous groups of individuals shooting over illegally baited areas and killing hundreds of mourning dove over the limit; venture into North Dakota and cite dozens of sportsmen illegally importing huge over limits of wildlife from Canada into the U.S.; seize hundreds of pounds of illegal walrus ivory in Alaska along with stolen gold Rolex watches; and participate in interstate roadblocks where hundreds of sportsmen are apprehended and thousands of pounds of illegally taken big game and fishery species are confiscated along with hundreds of pounds of illegal drugs in Nebraska.

This is wildlife law enforcement in its rawest of forms as only Terry Grosz can tell it: first person from one who lived the life as a solitary lawman for over 32 years protecting those in the world of wildlife who have little or no voice.