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Weep No More: A Suspense Thriller

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Louise Dunlap is a horribly abused wife intent on murdering her husband, Charles, because she believes him to be grooming her daughter for much worse abuse. In an ironic twist of fate, Charles is killed quite suddenly.

Louise thinks she’s free and clear and can get on with her life safely with her daughter. But other dark and sinister forces have plans in play yet to be seen.

At the same time, three young women are planning to avenge the rape and murder of two of their female friends who were attacked after leaving the nightclub where they worked.

Louise is now in jeopardy every way she turns. And her only hope seems to be to team up with the female vigilantes.

But two suspicious detectives, Hugh Rawlins and Lisa Pasky, are closing in on her, too. Who will live and who will die in the action-packed and highly suspenseful wrap-up?