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The Darkest Web

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John A. Russo, co-writer of the movie Night of the Living Dead, spins a tale of greed, corruption, and maliciously evil intent where anyone can become a victim…for the right price…

When Anthropology Professor Neville Pinnock, whose friend and mentor was murdered five years ago, teams up with Fiona Evans, whose sister has been recently murdered under similar circumstances, the stage is set for a showdown of biblically epic proportions. As they wend their way through lies and deception in search of the truth, the pair will encounter darkness and evil they could have never dared to believe is real.

From underground Dark Web sites showcasing brutality the likes of which has never been seen, to Manhattan boardrooms and basements concealing depravities of the foulest kind, Neville and Fiona find themselves in a battle for their very lives and souls.

Just when it seems like all is known, a twist of fate ramps up the terror even further…securing the dread right to the very last page…

“An unrelieved orgy of sadism.” —Variety on Night of the Living Dead