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Hearts and Mountains: A Historical Western Romance

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A tale of feuding hearts amidst dangerous mountains...

Spicy McCoy is pilfering berries for her mountain medicine when confronted by a foe claiming to own the West Virginia land she’s on. Stealing could result in jail or worse, death. Strikingly handsome, the enemy is like none she’s ever met. He says his name is Stone, he’s a doctor and not out to hurt her. She can have the berries he says. Sure, for a price. He blocks her escape until she kicks his shin, flees, and poles across the Tug Fork River. But when her patient worsens, she may risk her life to seek Stone’s advice.

Stone Hatfield has come home to escort his mother and aunt to an election. Living in Philadelphia for the past twelve years, he’s at his house on the hill when he spies a trespasser. Never in his wildest dreams did he expect to find a sexy river siren swiping his blueberries. She refuses to identify herself, but a man in the Kentucky woods calls out Spicy. The sassy name fits. Due to Tug Valley’s dark and deadly history, Stone isn’t surprised by her flight. Unable to get her out of his mind, he defies the feud to find her.

Clay McCoy, a murdering madman intent on marrying Spicy, is determined not to let anybody get in his way.

Vorticia Hatfield, a self-proclaimed witch plans to eliminate any threat to her squatting rights on the backside of the Stony Mountains.

Feuds from every emotional and physical angle erupt, threatening to destroy the good instead of the evil.