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Desire in Deadwood: A Western Romance Novel

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Aces and eights, the dead man's hand. That thought shoots through Bolton River just before Wild Bill Hickok falls dead in the Number 10 Saloon. Then a bullet slams into Bolton.

In 1876 Dakota Territory, Deadwood is the most devilish and delightful, wildest and wickedest town on the frontier. Tansy Wiley, with a cloudy past, is hiding behind the name Jigger Crown, and fears Bolton is tracking her. Jigger rescues the handsome stranger from the saloon next door as chaos erupts. There to capture her or not, Bolton wants this sexy adventuress.

Afraid to run and afraid not to, Tansy decides to escape. A battle of wills ignites between the beloved barkeep and this mystery man in an isolated and violent Black Hills gulch. Longing and lust, tension and mistrust run rampant amidst a serial killer on the loose and a Texas rancher vowing to settle a score. The deck is stacked against Bolt and Tansy who fight to survive this town soaked in blood, whiskey, and corruption.