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Chase Cooper: A Contemporary Western Romance (Triple C Ranch Book #1)

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Escape to the captivating world of contemporary western romance in this thrilling tale of love, redemption, and untamed passion.

Meet Chase Cooper, the dashing owner of Triple C Ranch-Central, a prosperous cattle ranch nestled just outside the breathtaking landscapes of Colorado Springs. With family ranches adorning both sides and women vying for his attention at every turn, it seems Chase has everything a man could desire. Yet, his heart remains untouched.

Enter Jade Taylor, a woman whose life is filled with more cracks and crevices than even she can repair. Trapped in a suffocating work contract, she seeks solace at a countryside bed-and-breakfast, and, in a twist of fate, she meets an irresistibly handsome stranger who haunts her thoughts.

But danger looms in the form of an obsessed plastic surgeon. Together, Jade and Chase must work together to confront the sinister forces conspiring against them—and save Jade from disappearing forever.

Immerse yourself in this gripping contemporary romance, where hearts collide, passions ignite, and true love…just might conquer all. Grab a copy now and surrender to the exhilarating allure of this thrilling and unforgettable story.