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The Gun Wolves: A Lone McGantry Western (Lone McGantry Book #5)

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The road to justice is sometimes long, narrow, and fraught with peril. That don’t matter none to Lone McGantry. He’ll stop at nothing to catch the lawbreaker in his sights. Wayne D. Dundee’s hero is back and he’s got a score to settle!

On the trail of the owlhoot who tricked him and stole his horse, former army scout Lone McGantry encounters a female bounty hunter and discovers she’s after the same culprit. Seeing an advantage to working together, they agree to join forces in order to catch their man,

Little do they know where the trail will lead them, and through what dangers and pitfalls they’ll face to deal out some good, old-fashioned justice.

“Dundee… is one of the best storytellers in the business.” – James Reasoner