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Our Time In The Sun

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Join along on a ride of redemption, honor, and ultimate justice from Western Writers of America Stirrup Award winner John McLaughlin.

This historically accurate account of an Old West group of lawmen, the Arizona Rangers, is an action-filled story complete with conflict, revenge, love, racism, and redemption in the Arizona Territory of 1903-04.

Against the magnificent backdrop of the Southwest, the Rangers chase rustlers, help quell a riot with miners in Morenci, and track the nefarious bandit, Indio Chacon, and his band of murderous outlaws deep into the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico. Elliott, an old seasoned Ranger, struggles with his dark and violent past as he mentors a young Ranger, Joaquin Campbell, who is short on law enforcement experience, and life itself.

“Our Time in the Sun filled my knowledge gap wonderfully. As a historical novel, it combines great storytelling with factual information about an era that is almost unknown to most Americans.” — Amazon reviewer

“The author gives such vivid details that you feel you are actually there. … ‘Our Time’ was well worth MY time.” — Amazon reviewer