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Maria Inés: A Native American Historical Romance (Central Coast Book #1)

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Immerse yourself in the captivating story of a young Native American woman determined to maintain her heritage during the turmoil of 19th-century California.

When Maria Inés, a young Native American girl, is raised under the influence of Padre Serra and the Mission San Miguel de Arcángel, she witnesses the treacherous political maneuvers and unquenchable thirst for power exhibited by Spanish, Mexican, and American invaders from an early age—leaving her cherished homeland desecrated.

As tensions reach a boiling point, volunteers courageously defend the Mission against Mexico, but her homeland is soon teeming with unfamiliar faces. Embracing hope, she enters into marriage and is blessed with a son. But tragedy strikes when her husband is violently killed, leaving her feeling vulnerable and unsafe in her native land.

Caught amidst the chaos as a displaced person within her own homeland during the tumultuous Times of the Troubles, Maria Inés faces the arduous task of survival while embarking on a journey to reclaim her shattered family, rediscover her unwavering faith, and reconnect with her ancestral heritage.

Will Maria be able to navigate adversity, preserve her identity, and reclaim her roots? Join along as one woman goes on a resilient journey to reclaim her heritage and defy the turmoil of 19th-century California in this captivating tale of survival, immersed in cultural heritage fiction with romantic elements.

Maria Inés is a 2017 Will Rogers Medallion Award Finalist for Inspirational Western Fiction.