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Hallowed Ground: A Coble Bray Western Mystery (Coble Bray Book #1)

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In a land where justice is as rare as mercy, one lawman stands as the last bastion against the darkness that threatens to consume it.

Known for his unyielding resolve and ironclad determination, Marshal Coble Bray is a force to be reckoned with—a hunter of men whose name sends shivers down the spines of the wicked. Yet, as a sinister series of ritualistic murders of innocent young girls grips the heart of the territory, even Coble finds himself at a crossroads of perplexity and horror.

With every clue leading to a maze of dead-ends and the only evidence proving to be as elusive as smoke, Coble’s mission transcends mere pursuit. Already a powder keg of tension, the locals find themselves at the mercy of the ambitions of a power-hungry judge, the incompetence of a sheriff, and the bloodlust of vigilantes who see justice in the arc of a noose.

As the stakes mount, Coble is confronted with the advances of two captivating women, each bearing secrets of their own, and with bullets flying closer than ever before, his quest becomes not just a hunt for a murderer, but a fight for his own soul.

Can Coble find a killer who masquerades in the light of day, hiding in plain sight?

“A Western in the vein of Louis L’Amour.” —Linda Broday, New York Times bestselling author